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The Czech travel agency "Astra incoming" is on the tourist market since 1995. On this site we want to offer you the information about our services on organization of trips to the Czech republic. Besides that you can begin making of the permit right here!

We offer for the individual tourists and for groups:

You can also acquaint with programs of trips. Our programs are expected on groups of the tourists and include allocation in hotel, excursion programs and many other things.

We are ready to answer any your question if you phone us or send an e-mail or fax.


ASTRA Incoming
Ing. Natalie Houdkova
143 00 Praha 4
phone: +420 241764741
fax: +420 241764741
GSM: +420 602 432895
SMS: 00420602432895@sms.eurotel.cz
E-Mail: natalie@astrain.cz

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